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Ektenos: Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Finding Purpose. Had I become who God created me to be?

What was I missing? Why did I feel so empty?

Was I working with my entire heart, soul, mind, and strength?

Or was I wasting the very days that God gave me on something less than He intended for me?

Ugghhhhh, I did not want to even consider the answers to those questions.

Pushing and working tirelessly, striving for years to finish the degree, move up the ladder and become the person who arrived with authority, prestige, and benefits. Upon my arrival of “success”, I felt empty, a bit lost, and confused. How could my hard work mean nothing? When did I lose my purpose? Initially, I dismissed the feeling of PMS, hormones, being middle-aged and a plethora of other excuses. But I could not shake the feeling that I was missing something. Have you ever been there? In the place where you believed your dreams would come true only to come up lacking? I have. And I had to make a life-changing decision just like you!

I would love to tell you that I choose Jesus and His path quickly with full obedience and confidence but that would be an outright lie.

It took years for God to turn my head and help me to listen to His voice. “Quit,” He said. “Trust Me.” “Choose the unknown for a holy wild with Me”.

My response, “No thanks, Lord,” for years and continued striving for a life that felt meaningful.

Little by little, (because God is so patient), He encouraged me to trust that He had a new plan and to walk away. I think He persuades us slowly so we do not completely freak out at the entire plan. It is kind of like ripping off a bandaid slowly instead of all at once and feeling all the “feels”.

My friends can you honestly answer the question,

“Are you living the life that God called you to live? Are you making a difference in your family tree, your community, your neighborhood, and your sphere of influence?

If you answered, “Yes, absolutely!” I applaud you and ask you to share your story below. But if not, take inventory and find one way to change your life. Start small and journal your dreams. Creativity happens when we are still and quiet. Pray for divine revelation and wisdom. Ask God to send you a messenger like John the Baptist that shares real truth with you about your next adventure. And then, act on it.

I choose to stretch!

Ektenos: Stretch

Heart - Soul - Mind - Strength

We live in the now and the not yet!

In Christ,


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