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Stop Slunking!

When was the last time you jumped off the top of a boat? I remember when I was a young girl, my grandparents had a boat and we would go to Lake Havasu in Arizona. Often, the boat would not work and my grandfather would be out in the extreme heat working on the engine. My sisters and I would endlessly jump into the water, climb back in and jump again. We did not care what we looked like in our bathing suits or what anyone else thought, we were just having fun. Playing! Exploring! Using our imaginations and having the time of our lives until…

Slunking occurred.

Right about "teenageville", I started slowly sliding into the water from the back of the boat. I did not want anyone to see me in my bathing suit and forgot the pure joy of plunging into the pristine water. I became smaller and eventually, I started just watching from the boat and not even attempting to get into the water. As an adult, the slunking continues not just at the boat but in everyday life. I chose conformity over adventure and stability over purpose.

Slunking is a word that I made up to explain what it feels like to live smaller.

To be smaller and let life pass you by instead of jumping in with both feet regardless of the outcome. We all do it. We choose safety instead of adventure, comfort instead of the holy wild. And God says,

“Come out on the water with me.” Peter’s command in Matthew 14:29 is the same for us today.

God is calling us to plunge into the deep because He will catch us. He will lift us up in due time. He wants us to experience the amazing, supernatural, adventures that He has planned for us.

We have to stop slunking and live.

Get out of the boat and make a huge splash!

God is bidding you to “Come”.

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